Poster Session

A small poster session will showcase some of the cutting edge research on continuous manufacturing being developed at different universities and companies. The topics will cover a broad range of research on continuous manufacturing—from the supply chain, to new synthesis pathways and processes for API manufacturing, to novel crystallization, tablet forming processes, as well as modeling of various processes. The work presented displays some of the advanced research that is rapidly going from idea conception, to proof of concept, to process maturation, and subsequent translation into pharmaceutical production.


1. Systematic Design and Technoeconomic Analysis of Continuous Pharmaceutical Processes

Dimitrios Gerogiorgis-University of Edinburgh

2. Growing the range of systems accessible using continuous manufacturing

Valerio Isoni-ICES

3. Pharmacy on demand

Naomi Briggs-MIT/DARPA

4. A practical approach to end-to-end continuous manufacturing development of an active pharmaceutical intermediate

Andrew Parsons-Amgen

5. Processes for Continuous Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals

Connor Coley-MIT

6. Direct Access to 2-Arylindoles via Copper Catalyzed Cyclization in Continuous Flow

Laurel Heckman-MIT

7. Process Intensification Study for Continuous Flow Hydrogenation 

Takashi Ouchi-Takeda

8. Continuous Flow Chemistry 

Haoxuan Wang-MIT

9. Cost and Manufacturability Drivers for Smart Decision-making in Bioprocess Development And Facility Fit

Nigel Titchener-Hooker-Univ. College London

10. Continuous chromatography for obtaining complex biologics with high purity and yield

Thomas Muller-Spath-ETH Zuerich

11. Enz-Flow: Towards Continuous Processing/Bioprocessing of Levomilnacipran

Amanda Evans-Cal. St. Univ.

12. Continuous downstream processing of recombinant antibodies based flocculation and precipitation

Alois Jungbauer-Austrian Center for Ind. Biotech.

13. Continuous Crystallization of Multi-Component Systems at Laboratory Scale: Development of Novel Platforms and Applications

Chick Wilson-CMAC (Univ. Bath)

14. Design of heterogeneous surfaces for directed nucleation of acetaminophen​

Jelena Stojakovic-MIT

15. Growth and Nucleation Kinetics in Continuous Antisolvent Crystallization Systems

Jennifer Schall-MIT

16. Continuous Technologies to Design and Deliver Differentiated API Particle Populations

Graham Power-APC Ltd.

17. Development and Optimization of a Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal (MSMPR) Crystallization Process Incorporating Wet-milling

Yihui Yang-Takeda

18. Systematic Design Approach of Continuous Crystallisations for Particle control

Andrea Johnston-CMAC

19. Digital Workflows to Compliment the CMAC Continuous Crystallisation Workflow

Murray Robertson-CMAC

20. Continuous spherical crystallization using single-stage MSMPR: preparations of spherical agglomerates and polymeric nanoparticles

Kohei Tahara-Gifu Univ.

21. The Design and Operation of a Continuous Cooling Crystallizer – as perfected in our Rattlesnake

Bashir Harji-CRD

22. Design and Implementation of an Integrated Continuous Drug Substance Process

Gary Morris-APC Ltd.

23. Application of continuous hot melt extrusion for preparation of 3D printed dose forms by fused deposition modelling

Ian Houson-CMAC

24. Continuous Manufacturing of Polymer Thin Films for Poorly Water-Soluble Drug Delivery

Scott Krull-C-SOPS

25. Integrated Hot-Melt Extrusion – Injection Molding Technology Platform for Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Tablets

Parind Desai-MIT

26. Freeze-drying of suspended vials: a first step toward continuous manufacturing

Luigi Capozzi-Politecnico de Torino

27. Integrated Process Development of Commercial Direct Compaction Continuous Tablet Manufacturing

Doug Hausner-C-SOPS

28. Modeling and experimental validation of roller compaction for a pharmaceutical excipient: Effects of changes in roller compactor parameters on granules

Shaun Galbraith-Univ. Mass.-Lowell

29. Flowsheet Modeling of a Continuous Direct Compression Process at Production Scale 

Shaun Galbraith-Univ. Mass.-Lowell

30. Performance Investigation of Twin Screw Granulation Process

Indu Bhushan-SteerLife

31. Correlating Raw Material Properties to Critical Processing Parameters to Critical Quality Attributes in a Direct Compaction Continuous Line

Doug Hausner-C-SOPS

32. Control Systems Engineering for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Erand Harinath-MIT

33. Equipment Selection Tool for Continuous Manufacturing of Small Molecule Drugs

Kevin Peng-Amgen/MIT

34. 3D-printed metal flow reactors

André de Vries-DSM

35. Complex Mixture Analysis Without Chromatography: Application of Fourier Transform Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy to Rapid Chiral Purity Characterization

Justin Neill-brightspec

36. Continuous manufacturing supply chains -  a policy perspective

Tomas Harrington-CMAC (Univ. Cambridge)